Consulting Services

Redesigning services, Improving Outcomes

Our team of clinical experts will help you design and transform services


Consulting Services

Driving quality, securing value for money

Extensive experience working with NHS organisations, in all settings

and across health care economies


Consulting Services

Procurement Support

Knowledge, insight and support to prepare, plan and undertake procurement

for your health services and products


Consulting Services

Programme & Project Management Support

Capacity, expertise and support to deliver your programmes and projects


About Us

A clinician-led team experienced in managing and delivering healthcare services

Our customers are primarily NHS organisations or health economies that want to take a fresh look at how services are designed and delivered. Our work includes:

Redesigning Services, Improving Outcomes

With over 38 years’ collective experience of managing change in the NHS, Webstar Lane’s clinician-led team can help you review, redesign and transform your healthcare services. Webstar Lane has the expertise and experience to help you improve patient outcomes and maximise benefits for your organisation and your staff.

We apply this experience and expertise to help our clients to:

Driving quality and securing value for money

We have extensive expertise and networks achieved through working with NHS organisations, in all settings and across health care economies. We apply this expertise and tap into our networks to help our clients to:

Procurement Support

We have hands on experience of supporting and managing both small and large scale procurements for services and supply contracts within the NHS.

You will find us a knowledgeable and objective oriented resource equipped to support you at all stages in the procurement cycle, including:

We have a track record of working across health economies to secure best value and drive quality for the NHS. This coupled with our excellent networks brings insight and experience from other areas and disciplines.

Programme & Project Management Support to Assure Delivery

We recognise that well designed programmes and projects are fundamental to delivering change and realising the benefits of service redesign. To provide assurance to our clients we apply rigorous programme and project management discipline to our own work.

We also use our experience and expertise to help our clients to:

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